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Ask Us To Set Up, Customise & Maintain 
Your Online Courses & Sales Pages
So You Can Focus On Building Your Business
Five Ways We Free You To Focus On Your Strengths
1. Connect All The Tech Stuff
Talk about the kneebone connecting to the thigh bone etc! Just as with the human body, each moving part of your Online Course Management system needs to be connected accurately. 

So we strip all out the guesswork and frustration of setting up your pages, connecting your blog, integrating your payment systems and your CRM.

You don't have to worry about what goes where and when to connect this to that!

It's all about FOCUS - we focus on what we do best and give you the freedom to do the same.

Stress less, create and sell more!
2. Design Your Course Management Website
I'm not a designer - but I have designers on my team! I understand how LONG it can take and how FRUSTRATING it can be, when the colours, shapes and images on a website just don't do justice to your business!

If you're like most people, you can see it doesn't look great, but you lack the design knowledge and skills to transform the visual appearance so it looks professional.

That's where my design team comes to your rescue (and to mine!)

Again, it's all about FOCUS - we focus on making your site and courses look professional, giving you the freedom to focus your time and energy on what you do best.

Stress less, create and sell more!
3. Set Up Your Sales Funnels
This is where the proprietary platform shines! You choose a campaign, already in the system, and put it to work FOR you, 24/7.

 - But which campaign?
 - And when? 
 - And how to customise it to match my logo, my site's style etc?

And there's more!
 - To which email list do you connect it?
 - What emails should you write to follow up?
 - How do you actually deliver your course or your offline product?

We'll work with you to customise your sales funnel. This allows you to make the most of the systems already built in to the platform.

So again, we free you to FOCUS on delivering the outcomes you want for you clients.

Stress less, create and sell more!
4. Build Your Course Structure
The team at Thought Leaders Platform have set up scores of courses and by the time you read this, that number may have reached the hundreds!

Because of our founder's decades-long background as an educator and curriculum development consultant, we can provide you with the right advice for structuring your course for maximum useabilty and impact.

After all, the purpose of your courses is to guide your students towards getting a specific result, right?

Teaching online presents some different challenges, not better or worse, just different, compared to facilitating an offline workshop or seminar.

Our goal is to help you choose the most useful structure for your course content and the needs of your students.

Stress less, create and sell more!
5. Maintain & Tweak As Needed
Sometimes, you just need to add, remove or change some stuff.

If you're smart, you will continually measure your results, tweaking your marketing funnels and course content until you reach peak performance.

Taking these actions will set you on a trajectory of constant and never-ending improvement.

And we can be right there with you, making tweaks large or small according to your needs.

Need new images? New pages? Changes to existing pages? A new logo or cover image for a new course? 

Our 5-hour maintenance packages have you covered. 

Stress less, create and sell more!
Our goal is to save you time, stress and money, allowing you to focus on what you do best - serving your tribe as a thought leader.
"The work done by the team at for my Strong Mind Formula course has been amazing. They have come up with things I could not even imagine to improve my course. I would definitely recommend them on their punctuality and workmanship."
- Fay Rayner,
Investment Options
$1980 USD
Set up KLEQ website on your domain
Design logo and style guide
Connect your CRM
Connect up to 2 payment systems
Apply style guide to your website
Create and style your first campaign
Set up your first course, ready for you to add the content
30 minute Zoom consultation
Email support

$450 USD
Logo/image design
Design a whole page
Set up a whole campaign
Set up a new course layout

Just ask and we'll let you know if we can do it!

If not, we'll introduce you to someone who can!

Common Questions
Is there a contract period?
Nope. We simply trust the quality of our service will encourage you to stay with us. We also trust we will enjoy working with you and want you to stay, too!
Can I call you for a chat?
At this stage, that is not practical. If we can't resolve your requests via email on our support desk, then we can make a mutally convenient appointment for a Zoom call.
How can I contact you to ask for help?
Simply send an email to our master support desk - [email protected] and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you. 
What kind of help can I ask for?
Within a 5-hour package we can provide you with advice about setting up your campaigns or courses. We can provide graphic design and content writing, plus overall strategy suggestions.
About CustomKleq and Thought Leaders' Platform

With our homebase in Sydney, our distributed team of 5 has developed websites for over 10 years.

Our CEO, Karyn Clarke, has an extensive background in education, leading her to an appreciation of the KLEQ system for marketing and delivering online courses and memberships.

Her passions for both online education and quality website development merged to birth Thought Leaders Platform and
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