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Coaches, Authors and Experts,
From Sharing Stuff You Know Via Your Own Online Courses  Or Nonfiction Book
I need help to design and deliver an online course
I need help writing my nonfiction book
If You're A Subject Matter Expert Who Wants To Amplify Your Authority
AND Increase Your Revenue In The Next 90 Days,
Then You're In The Right Place!
The arrival of COVID-19 and social distancing requirements have led to dramatic drops in revenue for experts who previuosly relied on face to face time with individual clients or on live presentations to groups.

The good news is that coaches, consultants, trainers, keynote speakers, non-fiction authors and corporate escapees all have IP they can leverage to amplify their authority and to generate additional streams of income.

But wait, there's more!

Not only can you generate an additional income stream, you can also create options whereby, once you set your course up and set your marketing on auto-pilot, your new income stream can be passive!

Do the work once and reap the rewards many times over ...

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Framework For A New Income Stream: DISCOVER. CREATE. SELL.
DISCOVER how to transform yourself from a subject matter expert
to a thought leader in your field.
Distill your knowledge and insights to CREATE online courses, even if you have never delivered a course before.
SELL and deliver your course online. Optionally, we do the heavy lifting: course delivery platform, sales funnel, cart!
A 3-step framework with 9 moving parts. Take action today for a better tomorrow.
Check out Thought Leaders' Platform signature course, "ONLINE COURSES FORMULA: Get Paid To Teach Stuff You Know."
Grows Your Reach and Revenue
Thought Leaders' Platform is an online platform that provides subject matter experts with options to grow your reach & revenue.
Choose from live online group masterclasses, independent-study courses,
membership or discover the premium online course platform to host and sell your own courses ...
Premium, Group Masterclasses
Supported by live coaching calls and members' private, community chat.
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Advanced, Independent-Study Courses
Same content as Premium, Group Masterclasses - no live calls & peer interaction.
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Short, Online Courses For Fast Results
Independent study for corporate subject matter experts starting your own business.
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Thought Leaders' Lounge Membership
Ask for individual help via chat in the members' private, community chat.
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Thought Leaders' Technology Platform 
All the tools you need to build a profitable, online course business in one easy solution.
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Done For You - Set Up & Customise Your Own Online Course Platform
So you can focus on building your business.
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Choose from short, self-study courses for fast results, premium group masterclasses for in-depth support or join as a lounge member.
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Signature Course
"Online Courses Formula" Online Masterclasses

If you're already a subject matter expert and want to take it up several notches, your path to Thought Leadership begins here.

Online Courses Formula is a 12-week, premium, online group masterclass where you will discover:

  • Why teach what you know? Business benefits?
  • What steps to take and in what exact order to maximise results.
  • How to distill your knowledge & insights into an online course.
  • What is pedagogy & why does it matter to you & your students.
  • The 3 MO Blueprint secrets to effective course planning.
  • Top tips for expanding your course into a new business.
  • Where to host and how to deliver your course - technology tips.
And so much more - including a private, members only community chat (NOT Facebook!), live coaching calls and flipped classroom model.
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"Imagine what's possible. Believe it's possible for you. Go to work and make it real." 
- Jim Rohn
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